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S’mores Brownies


Cooking shower, for skillet

6 graham saltines

1 box brownie blend, additionally to fixings involved on box

1 c. hacked Hershey’s bars

1 (10-oz.) sack marshmallows

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Preheat stove to 350° and line and splash a 9″- x-9″ heating skillet with cooking shower. Layer base of skillet with graham saltines. Make brownie blend concurring box and afterward overlap in slashed Hershey’s bars. Pour brownie player over graham saltines. Heat until nearly done, 35 minutes. Expel from broiler and top with marshmallows and prepare another 20 to 25 minutes or until brownies are cooked through and marshmallows are brilliant. to see brownies with a toothpick, you’ll tenderly push marshmallows to the side with a blade or balance spatula. they’re going to soften back together!

Go stove to sear and cook 2 minutes, whenever wanted.

Let cool 10 minutes at that time dig squares to serve.

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