Do You Have A Daily Method of Operation?

I wrote the “Stop Thrashing!” post mostly to remind myself that I am one of the most easily distracted people on the planet.    I need to start to “walk the talk”.   By that I mean that I need to back up what I say with my actions.  So, admittedly, I still am thrashing a bit.   My personal solution for this?  I am going to implement the DMO, Daily Method of Operation scheme.

What is a DMO you ask?   Well, it stands for Daily Method of Operation.   I am a believer that someone who works in a home based business absolutely needs to have a DMO to be successful.   A DMO defines specific tasks that you complete on a daily basis.

My DMO is going to include only activity that I can say will produce some kind of income.   That income may not be direct income, but needs to be related to an income producing activity.   For example, writing an article is not directly related to producing income.   I am not in the article writing business; I don’t get paid for a high quality 400+ word article.  But, as I create more high quality articles and add value to what people are searching for, in the end I generate more interest in my blog or website or whatever the goal of that article is.   As long as I have an end result for that article that produces some kind of boost to my business, then that becomes income producing activity.  And writing that article should be part of my DMO.

So, what is my DMO going to look like?   Am I going to have a hard and fast commitment to write an article per day?   No, I do not want to make a commitment that I know is not realistic.   I will, however, have a goal of writing 3 articles per week.   But, the D in DMO stands for daily…so I need to break that down.   My daily activity may be to write an outline for each article on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.   Thursday and Saturday may be my days to write the articles.   I take off Friday and Sunday.   This is just an example…and there should be other activities included on a daily basis too.

Your DMO has to work along side your other commitments.   Do you work full time?   Your DMO may only include 2 hours per night with additional time on the weekends.   All activities should be income producing activities…straightening papers, sorting through emails, surfing the internet are not income producing activities.   

Talking to your downline, talking to prospects, writing articles, making follow-up phone calls are all income producing activities.   If self discipline is difficult for you, then maybe you should ask your upline or mentor to help you to keep accountable. You must be disciplined enough to stick to a DMO of substance.

Building a business is like putting up a house brick by brick.  Having 3 – 5 goals every day is like laying 3 – 5 bricks for the house.  If you do 5 every day by the end of the month you’d have 150 bricks in, by the end of 6 months, it would be nearly 1000. 

A 1000 small tasks equal big progress in your online business… if they are income producing tasks!

This builds a solid foundation for your business and the results will follow. 

So, just keep it simple; it can be in a file on your laptop or kept in your daily planner.   The important thing is to commit and start today.   That is what I am doing.   Let me know how it goes!