The Great MLM Dilemma

I am talking about the very difficult position that new network marketers are often in when they first start their business.

Here is what it sometimes looks like:

What you are doing:

Spending a lot of time

Spending a lot of money

Your goals; what you are working for:

Wanting your own free time

Desire for financial freedom

The dilemma, or oxymoron, in network marketing is that you start your business with the strong goal of financial independence and a burning desire for time freedom, but in the beginning time and money are what you have to sacrifice in many cases.

For those not familiar with network marketing, or MLM, it is very difficult for them to understand this when they start this business. It seems like they have to give up the very things that we are so adamant that we are working for. That is the dilemma…we first need to sacrifice the very things that we are dreaming of having.

Take the money issue. While it is not a huge amount of money to start a MLM business, there often is a consistent investment over time in your business. All of the various monthly fees add up. Take the autoship, add in the monthly (or annual) website hosting fee, add on the weekly or monthly fee to attend live meetings, and the fee for your guests to attend. While none of these alone will break the bank, if you are not at least breaking even, there comes a point where you will slow down and start asking yourself “What am I doing here?”. It is then that I have a serious conversation and really try to understand what is going on with my new marketers. Unfortunately, sometimes in the business, you have to invest money into your business before you have a return. You just need to be sure that it is reasonable and comfortable for your new marketers.

The second part of the dilemma is the time factor. Let’s face it, we all want time freedom. I can not wait for the time when I can simply go to bed when I’m tired and wake up when I’m finished sleeping. But, I am not at that point in my life or business yet. I am still working towards time freedom. When people first start this business that is usually part of what they are looking for too. But, something happens…they innocently get all caught up in the energy of the promise of a new business. They are on the phone all of the time, they are talking to prospects; they are talking to their upline, downline, sideline, anyline…anyone! And then, before you know it, the precious time that they had budgeted to their business has been gobbled up on various tasks. And then, the new network marketer is exhausted and frustrated and has very little results to show for it! Am I exaggerating? Well, yes, of course…umm, well, maybe somewhat.

The problem is, you need to give up the very things that you want when you first start an MLM business. And, you have to recognize that and make sure that that is OK with your family. You need to know that ahead of time and plan properly for it. That planning includes a time schedule and financial budget. It also includes securing the support of family. They too need to know that it may be a bit painful in the beginning of your business.

The rewards with an MLM can be great.