Two Deadly Mistakes To Avoid With Your Cold Calls

I received a cold call the other day from a fellow network marketer. While I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than do a cold call, for those people who have not yet discovered the value of generating leads online, this is one of their prospecting methods.

Anyway, the call went something like this:
Hello, Ann, this is so&so with XYZ company. I found your ad in and I see that you work in a home based business. Are you still with ABC company?

First mistake, she mis-pronounced the company name! That may sound like a minor thing to you, but to me it sounded so very unprofessional. So, I politely corrected her and told her that, No, I was no longer with that company. (Note to self–make sure you take down that ad!!).

She then asked me what I was doing; I told her that I was still in network marketing but with a different company. She then talked a bit about how great her products are and suggested that I should try them. I told her that I was familiar with her company and products, but was not interested since my company offers similar products.

It was then that she committed deadly mistake number 2. She got back on the subject of my previous company (mis-pronouncing it several times more) and started to bash it!! Needless to say, I did not engage in that conversation and quickly ended the call.

It is my opinion that when you are prospecting, especially prospecting other networkers, you need to do a little homework on the prospect’s business. And, never, never bash another company!