Building a Network Marketing Business person to person

Lets face it, working person to person appeals to many people.   So, if you are working your network marketing business primarily online, don’t discount those who want to work their business “old school”.   

If you want to meet more people in person, you may want to consider some of the following:

  • Rent a table at an event that is related to your business.   Have some product samples, small items to retail, and brochures for people to take.   Be sure to have your contact information on ALL items.
  • Join a networking group.   Some are more stringent than others.   Be sure to know what the requirements are before joining.  
  • Always, always have a business card with you.   Leave it at restaurants (with a good tip); send it in the mail with other correspondence.
  • Form an alliance with other network marketing professionals and work events together.

This is just a few ideas, more to come.