Do you Know Me, Like Me, Trust Me?

If this is your first visit to my site, I would say the answers probably are:


Not particularly.

Definitely Not!

in that order.

So, we know that to be successful in business, especially network marketing, people will have to first get to know you. Then they need to grow to like you. Then and only then, you may gain their trust.

If you want to grow your network marketing business online, you have to go through those three phases with each new lead that happens upon your site.

How is this done? How, in fact, am I attempting to do that with this site?

Have you visited my about Ann page? You may find that we have a few things in common. You may have visited Italy in the last few years. Maybe you have 4 kids too. If you send me a comment and I reply, you may like my answer.

You may then browse around a little moreā€¦ If so, you will find more posts written by me. If you read a few more, you then get to know me.

If you take a look at my early posts in the Frustrated Network Marketers category, you may relate to a few things that I admitted to there. You may get some laughs from some of my posts and hopefully, you will find some useful tidbits in the Tips category. If I have done all of this well, you may like me.

The trust me takes more of a relationship. I have to prove that I am a person of integrity, not just say that I am. I have to prove that I am good on my word. I have to prove to you that I am worthy of doing business with you. Online, that is difficult, but certainly not impossible.

Forming and building this relationship online takes tools. The main tool is this blog, my nerve center.

And nice getting to know you!