Leveraging Networking Groups

If you are working your network marketing business primarily person to person, then you may want to join one or more networking groups. Leveraging networking groups will likely help you to expand your personal and professional network.

There are many choices out there.

A formal, international networking organization is BNI (Business Network International), BNI.com. I was a member for 2 years and have the following viewpoints (my opinion, of course):

Since this is a formal organization, all meetings follow roughly the same agenda.   This helps with predictability and for planning your presentation.
It is fairly significant time and financial commitment.    Meetings are weekly and membership is at least 1 year.  
There were plenty of opportunities to network with other chapters at trainings and as a sub for a member of another chapter.
Their philosophy is “givers gain”.   There is an expectation that you will bring referrals to the group.

My experience was a very positive one. It helped with self confidence and in personal development as well as building my business. This is especially helpful for presentation skill building.

I made some very good relationships that still continue even after I left the group.

I have also had experience with less formal networking groups. The ones that I have been a member of are Women’s Networking groups. No, we don’t do any “male bashing”! The groups have been for women entrepreneurs and we support one another. Yes, admittedly, there are some things said that may not be said in a mixed group.

These were monthly meetings with a rough agenda, but definitely not a strict as with BNI. Since they were monthly, there was a more varied group of attendees at each meeting.

I have found these groups to be positive as well; although I have not had the level of success that I did with the more organized BNI.

If you are having some trouble with finding new people to present your products and/or business opportunity to, leveraging networking groups may be a good option for you.