So, What do you mean by a Seasoned Network Marketer?

Well, that depends…

I am not talking pay check.

I am not talking number of people in your downline.

I am not talking number of years in the network marketing industry.

So, what then do I mean by a Seasoned Network Marketer? I am really thinking of someone who:

Knows and really understands the industry.
Has had some experience, maybe wildly successful or miserably unsuccessful.

So, how can I with my relatively short time in the industry (less than 5 years) provide benefit to someone who fits this bill?

I plan to add some insights on other streams of income. Yes, a thriving network marketing business is a valuable asset to have in your portfolio, but there will be future posts that will provide ideas to diversify your income even further. We all know that we should diversify our assets, well; we should also diversify our income. And that is what wealth building is really all about.